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Chiropractic adjustments

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments 
 All tissues o the back: muscles, ligaments, jt capsules and disk- respond and heal well when adjusted. 
 1.       Restores motion- symmetry and ROM 
 2.       Normalizes biomechanics and load distribution 
 3.       Pumps out waste products and edematous fluid 
 4.       Improves disks and articular cartilage nutrition 
 5.       Relaxes tight muscles 
 6.       Normalizes proprioception 
 7.       Stimulates sensory-motor reflexes improving dynamic muscular stabilization of jts 8.       Accelerates healing – as movement: 
 a.       increases metabolic rate
 b.      increases collagen and protein production 
 9.       Improves alignment of new connective tissue    

 Negative Effects of Immobilization- Deconditioning Syndrome Begins as soon as 4 hours of immobilization  

 Chiropractic Helps Reverse all of these processes:  
 Muscle- ·         weakness ·         decrease flexibility ·         decrease muscle mass ·         decrease mitochondrial content ·         type I and II muscle atrophy ·         Incoordination ·         decrease oxidative potential ·         decrease cross-sectional area ·         increase connective tissue fibrosis ·         20% loss of muscle strength per week   

 Joint Immobilization ·         bone demineralization ·         capsular adhesions ·         decrease ligamentous tolerance (includes annular disk weakness) ·         shrinks joint capsule ·         increases compression loading ·         irreversible changes after 8 week   

 Disk Biochemistry ·         decrease oxygen ·         decrease glucose ·         decrease sulfate ·         increase lactate concentration ·         decrease proteoglycan content 

 Cardiopulmonary ·         decrease VQ2 max ·         increase maximal heart rate  

 Nervous system ·         decrease proprioception ·         decrease central neuromotor control or movement and posture   

 Craig Liebenson, JMPT 1992   

 Note:  Chiropractic is similar to physical therapy in that it takes multiple sessions to re-educate and alter the physiology of the tissue, especially in a chronic condition.