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The Perfect Stress Reboot

Have you ever had to restart your PC after the hard drive froze? You hit 'Control+Alt+Delete' to reboot the operating system and get everything running smoothly again. Your human com- puter (Nerve System) needs a periodic rebooting too. 

 Your Nerve System gets overwhelmed from daily stress. An urgent work deadline, unex- pected family crisis or any inconvenient change in your routine are unsolicited stresses (spyware or a virus) that bog down your nerves. The result – your body slows down, runs sluggish and eventually "freezes up" with an illness. Getting a Chiropractic adjustment is like hitting the Control+Alt+Delete buttons. It clears your Nerve System of unwanted stress and gets you run- ning fast again. 

 The stress our grandparents experienced in a week, today we get in just 24 hours! If you're not purging the tension from your Nerve System on a regular basis, your hard drive could crash. Get 'rebooted' routinely with Chiropractic care and stay ahead of the failure. 

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